Post Cleaning Instructions

  1. Drying Time

    Carpets will take a few hours to dry and should be dry to the touch (on average) within 7-8 hours. In the summer months keep your air conditioning running along with any ceiling fans. During the winter months, keep your heat on to help speed the drying process up.

  2. Safety

    Watch your step! Try and limit walking on your freshly cleaned carpets until it’s dried. This include pets. If you need to walk on your wet carpet and then walk onto a tiled or hard surface afterward, be careful!

  3. Pets

    It’s best to keep your beloved pets off of freshly cleaned carpets as their paws (especially) if they have been outside recently can dirty up your carpets very quickly.

  4. Vacuuming

    There is no need to immediately vacuum your carpets after Calvary has serviced your home. The cleaning products that Calvary uses does not leave any powdery substance or residues in your carpet. The cleaning products we use are soap and detergent free. Continue with your normal vacuuming routine 1-2xs per week as usual.

  5. Next Cleaning

    It is highly recommended by most major carpet manufacturers that your carpets be professionally cleaned once per year to help maintain them and keep them looking beautiful. It is better to invest in keeping them clean, versus replacing them until it’s absolutely necessary.