Included On All Residential Carpet Cleanings

  1. Professional Vacuuming (Unless vacuumed by customer in advance)

    A commercial vacuum will be used to remove dry, abrasive gritty, fiber damaging soils.

  2. Pre-Treatment

    The open/cleanable carpeted areas will be pre-treated to break down and suspend difficult soils prior to extraction.

  3. Spotting

    Pre-treating of difficult or persistent spots where necessary (Extra fee for pet spots and spots that require extra labor).

  4. Furniture Moving

    Furniture moving (within reason) and replaced on special protectors to prevent rust or furniture stains.

  5. Hot Water Extraction (HWE)

    Suspended soils will be quickly flushed away out of your carpet and your home by our hot water extraction process. Your carpets will be left clean, bright and without damage or soil attracting residues.

  6. Speed Drying

    While we’re cleaning, we’ll set up commercial speed drying fans to get carpets as dry as possible before we leave! Carpets may require several hours additional drying time before use.

  7. Final Finishing

    We’ll carefully set the pile of your carpet for maximum appearance, softness and rapid drying. Carpet will be left with a beautiful, finished look!